digital solutions for optimising microgrids

Our online platform "opti.node" is the first in the world to target financial optimisation of microgrids with decentralised electricity production. Onsite power generation from solar and combined heat-and-power plants is common in commercial parks, hospitals, and residential blocks. However, considerable financial savings remain unexploited. By redistributing virtual production and consumption within the microgrid, tens of thousands of euros can be unlocked, simply by establishing new financial contracts. With just a few clicks opti.node guides you through the optimisation process and automatically generates the new virtual power flows in a format ready to be sent to the authorities and network operators.

With our digital tools and services establishing and managing your own microgrid is child's play.

our tools and services for your microgrid

Individual metering concepts

There are big savings in regulatory fees if you optimise the allocation of power sources to consumers within the microgrid. Our software opti.node provides individual virtual energy flows for minimal costs. Fully automated. And especially for highly complex grids.


Micro-utility toolbox

When power is supplied directly within the microgrid many regulatory fees cease to apply. However, several legal obligations and administrative requirements need to be fulfilled. Our toolbox provides you with everything you need for your role as a micro-utility.


Market access

Microgrids are not off-grid. If you have residual demand and wholesale prices are exceptionally cheap (which happens often with higher RES volumes) you can take advantage from buying power from the public grid. provides you with direct access to the market to buy or sell residual loads.


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