digital solutions for microgrids

Growing volumes of power is produced onsite – on production plants, business parks and residential buildings. Besides feeding into the public grid, microgrid solutions with powerplants supplying consumers directly bear attractive financial advantages. But administrative and regulatory requirements to tap this potential are challenging.

No matter if direct supply of third parties, complex situations of self-generation or combinations of both –’s SaaS-tool opti.node allows highly automated mapping, processing and billing of financially optimized power exchange in your microgrid. But even in highly sophisticated microgrids complete autarky from the public grid usually doesn’t make sense. With you can cover your residual demand efficiently and make money by selling excess generation to „the market“.

With our digital tools and services establishing and managing your own microgrid becomes easy.

our tools and services for your microgrid

Individual metering concepts

Big savings from regulated cost components like grid fees can be realized in if the allocation power sources to consumers within microgrids is optimized. Our software opti.node provides individual metering concepts for minimal costs. Fully automated. And especially for constellations with high complexity.


Micro-utility toolbox

For direct power supply within microgrids many regulated cost components cease to apply. On the other hand, several legal obligations and administrative requirements need to be fulfilled. Our toolbox provides you with everything you need for your role as micro-utility.


Market access

Microgrids are not off the (public) grid. If you have to cover residual demand and if wholesale prices are exceptionally cheap (which happens more often with higher RES volumes) you can take advantage from buying power from the public grid. Excess power from your microgrid can be sold to „the market“. provides you with direct access to the market to buy or sell residual loads.